Catte Adams first came to recognition nationally with her winning of Star Search with Ed MacMahon, as vocalist, in it's second and most viewed season. She went on to tour the country and open in her own show for such stars as Bob Hope, George Burns, Gary Shandling, Don Rickles, and Joan Rivers, to name a few. She has toured internationally with Michael Bolton, Natalie Cole, Yanni, Chaka Khan and Tracy Chapman as a band member and has provided vocals for a who's who of performers including Michael McDonald, Phoebe Snow, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and many more too numerous to mention.She has been the voice for many international and national television and radio jingles including Coke, Pepsi, Mazda, Jeep, Toyota, Exxon, White Rain, Cadillac, Cannon, Only Diamonds and many others. She has written her own self-titled CD project available at and is currently working on a new CD project to reflect her jazz beginnings. The new CD will be released this year under the Tripty Music label.

Her website is www.catteadams.comYou may join her email list and download free music from this site.Catte has written music for film and television and has written for recording artists Jonathon Butler, the Pointer Sisters, Dianne Schuur, Brenda Russell, and several others in the Jazz and Pop arenas.In concert Catte Adams is a "singers singer" and show business celebrities have always peppered her audiences where ever she appears. She is a storyteller in the best sense as the audience willingly hands over their emotions to her care and reward, in her every mood with her. So expressive is her delivery and performance that her ability to move you becomes clear in the first few moments of a song. As you surrender yourself to the inevitable emotions that rise and fall within you she is in complete control and every bit as involved. She's funny, articulate, playful and spontaneous as a performer and when it comes to spilling her own life out before you, completely honest. This she does in song and unique arrangements that magnify her ability to take an old song and completely revisit it and turn it into a "tour de force", new song. Quite simply she is an original in a time when so few are left.Catte currently resides in West Hollywood, California where, nearby, she and her husband own a recording studio for music production. She is a member of ASCAP, SAG, and AFTRA.


“Catte can entrance an audience to the point of breathlessness.
They seem to cling to every note that she sings out.
That she can sustain so many styles so honestly is a wonder,
this girl is a true original, and not to be missed!”
L.A. Times

“She sings rings around any singer in town....if you're going out to hear live music, you need travel no farther than wherever Catte Adams is singing.
No one goes home disappointed. In fact it was hard to turn the house over, so many wanted to stay for the second show.”
The Voice

“Catte Adams turned out to be a hot act, tantamount to a sensual experience in song.....this is one singer you want to see again and again”
The Hollywood Reporter

“ Her command of her vocal instrument matches her command of the audience’s attention and affection.”
The response to her reprise proved that the audience had not had enough of her, nor had this reviewer.”
Las Vegas Review-Journal

“ She exerts her range into the upper staff by some melismatic soaring that is difficult for the best to pull off without being strident. It is however, never wasted here just because she can, a common trap for singers with this amount of skill these days. The effortlessness she brings to each song is evident and most impressive is the varied material in original treatments. If it’s been a while since you’ve had the goosebumps, it’s time to go see Catte Adams. She hits it over the top!”

“ A diminutive redhead with a gigantic voice....
Her acting, superb. Her voice so captures you in it’s range and ability that one almost forgets, but believe this reviewer...this is a seasoned actress, in song. Watch for this one!”

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