BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE are founding members: Singer/Songwriter Catte Adams and Marc Hugenberger, Arranger, Composer, and Keyboardist. As the date calls for it they are augmented with select players from internationally recording and touring bands they have enjoyed working with for many years with instrumentation to include Bass, Drums, Flute and Sax and Violin or Guitar.

Beautiful People's new CD project will reflect Catte Adams and Marc Hugenberger's Jazz beginnings, combined with iconic Pop tunes in a newer Electronica, Dub and dreamy style called, "CHILL".

The new CD, under the group name Catte Adams and BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE entitled, "Chasing Rainbows", will be released this year under the indie label, Tripty Music, Tripty's second CD with Catte.

The sound for BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, has been created by arranger, composer, Marc Hugenberger and in this their second outing as collaborators they have chosen to create fascinating and unique arrangements of familiar songs in a very unique way.

They deconstruct the originals and rearrange them into whole new explorations or "De-rangements". To quote a favorite jazz contemporary, "These are crazy good, like nothing you've ever heard before!"

Imagine James Brown's iconic R&B song "I feel Good", as a "Martini" Bossa Nova, or Elvis's "Heartbreak Hotel" as a smoldering and sultry Tango, and you start to get the idea.

Listen to their version of Seattle grunge band, Nirvana's, "Smells like Teen Spirit" and you may never want to hear the original again. Such is the sass and cleverness of BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE and their new "CHILL" arrangements.

When they get to the Jazz portion of their program it is lush, elegant, orchestrated and full of feeling. Somehow they have figured out a way to make even the oldest songs sound new and fresh again with these unique treatments.

Take the classic Jazz ballad "You're my Thrill" by Billie Holiday. It becomes a breathtaking thrill ride, and has become such a favorite for their audiences it has become a "must play" before the ending of any show.

Another fan favorite is "Midnight Sun" recorded by many jazz greats, but never quite like this. The listener is romanced out into the midnight air as the arrangement's moody atmospheric sounds transport the listener into the ethos. Singer and song are seamlessly entwined in a delicate dance, romantic, mystical and tender.

Marc Hugenberger as arranger for the project, adds a secret component to this style of music that very few have mastered, and plays a key role in the lush sound-scapes involved in the songs creations.

He plays a Yamaha Breath Controller, an instrument which is featured in almost all of the material BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE perform. By blowing into the Yamaha Breath Controller it allows him to create sounds that range in style from Jimi Hendrix’s wild electric guitar riffs to the moody trumpet sounds of Miles Davis and everything in between. As a keyboardist he creates a sound that is both lush, exotic and even sometimes humorous, as in "Heartbreak Hotel". You'd swear the Trombone player had a little too much to drink before picking up his instrument. Weaving through the tune, the breath controller Trombonist appears to happily stumble it's way through the solo! Only a very deft player could pull this off without it sounding corny or silly. It's these little flourishes that keep you entertained while listening to this fascinating group. The hypnotic spell is easy to fall under as they bring to you some of the best known and most loved songs in their own BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE way.


Catte Adams first came to recognition nationally with her winning of $100,000. on” Star Search” with Ed MacMahon, as female vocalist in it's second and most viewed season. She went on to tour the country and open for such stars as Liberace, Bob Hope, George Burns, Gary Shandling, Don Rickles, and Joan Rivers, to name a few.

She has earned the coveted position many times over, that pro singers dream of, as “band member” for Michael Bolton, Natalie Cole, Yanni, Chaka Khan and Tracy Chapman on national and international tours and has provided vocals for a who's who of international recording artists including Michael McDonald, Phoebe Snow, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and many more too numerous to mention.

She has been the voice for countless international and national television and radio jingles including Coke, Pepsi, Mazda, Jeep, Toyota, Exxon, White Rain, Cadillac, Cannon, Only Diamonds and many others.

She has written her own self-titled CD project and has written for many recording artists such as Dianne Schuur, Patti LaBelle, the Pointer Sisters, Brenda Russell, Carl Anderson, Jonathon Butler, and David Mann.

Catte recently performed to terrific reviews at the Gardenia Club in Los Angeles, a new self- written, one woman show, entitled “I got my act together and I’m keepin’ it OFF the road!”. A funny and moving “tell all” about her experiences growing up in a small mid-western town and revelations from the road she traveled, with the famous celebrities she has shared the stage with for nearly fourty years. Catte plans to perform her second one woman show, a follow up to the first entitled, “ I remember everything! ” this year.

Catte is also currently working on a new CD project that is the material for this outing with her new group “Beautiful People”, entitled “Chasing Rainbows”. It includes the song, “I’m always chasing rainbows”, a song Catte has been waiting for years to record, but couldn’t find the right approach until just now. The new CD will be released this year under the indie “Tripty Music” label.

To quote a long time fan “She is a very naked performer in the very best sense”.

She is unguarded and naturally funny and lifts the curtain on her secrets as well as your own in the blink of an eye. As the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER wrote after two nights of seeing Catte perform, “From the moment she takes the stage her energy and sense of fun is impossible to resist, and then,… there’s that voice”.


Marc Hugenberger has been a well known secret component behind much fine music created in in Los Angeles since he moved here permanently from Fullerton, California in 1990.

Marc has written for numerous national and international television shows including the hit show “ Scrubs”, provided original music for films and has written songs recorded by Brenda Russell, Carl Anderson, Dianne Schuur, The Pointer Sisters, Russian superstar Laima Vaikule, and Catte Adams. He has toured Nationally and was Musical Director for Natalie Cole, toured with Chaka Khan and jazz bass virtuoso Brian Bromberg.

After beating out numerous composers again and again for LUX Japan (LUX'S elegant multimillion dollar television commercials campaign, featuring Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Penelope Cruz and Gabrielle Anwar) he was chosen exclusively by Sweethart Productions in Los Angeles to write, produce, and arrange the music for LUX Japan for all campaigns.

Marc also continues to enjoy his own pianist career as a jazz musician on the L.A. scene as well as the leading musical force in fellow collaborator, “Catte Adams” band. A much sought out band that utilizes a modern Electronica and Ambient approach to Jazz and Contemporary music. Wherever something new and creative in music is happening you can usually find Marc Hugenberger there, performing it, writing it, or just digging it.

In the “Beautiful People” project Marc has created all the musical arrangements and done all the programming. He features an electronic wind instrument called the Yamaha Breath Controller.

It allows him to create sounds that range in style from Jimi Hendrix’s wild electric guitar riffs to the moody trumpet sounds of Miles Davis and everything in between. As a keyboardist he creates a sound that is both lush and exotic.

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“Catte can entrance an audience to the point of breathlessness.
…this girl is a true original, and not to be missed!”

- L.A. Times

“She sings rings around any singer in town....if you're going out to
hear live music, run to wherever Catte Adams is performing.

- The Voice

“Catte Adams turned out to be a hot act, tantamount to a sensual
experience in song.....this is one singer you’ll want to see again and again”

- The Hollywood Reporter

“Her command of her vocal instrument matches her command of
the audience’s attention and affection.”

The response to her reprise proved that the audience had not had
enough of her, nor had this reviewer.”

- Las Vegas Review-Journal

“She exerts her range into the upper staff by some melismatic soaring. ….
If it’s been a while since you’ve had the goose bumps, it’s time to go see
Catte Adams.
She hits it over the top!”

- Variety

“A diminutive redhead with a gigantic voice....
Her voice so captures you, that one almost forgets, this is a seasoned
actress, in song. ”

- Dramalogue

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